PWS Resources and Websites

Emergency Medical Information
Download Medical Alert booklet written by PWSA-USA– Click Here
Download GI Chart to be included with Medical Alert Booklet – Click Here
Download Prader Willi Syndrome Phone app via PWS-USA – Click here

Foundation for Prader Willi Research Canada:
British Columbia Prader Willi Syndrome Association:
Ontario Prader Willi Syndrome Association:

Foundation for Prader WIlli Research USA:
Prader Willi Syndrome Association USA:
International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organization:

Support for Training Staff
Interested in participating in a web-based training course for anyone working with or supporting someone with PWS?
Prader Willi Syndrome Network:

On-line support and resources
There are many online support groups. Facebook is an excellent tool in creating a way to connect to other families and organizations in the PWS community. You can search Facebook for ” Prader Willi” or PWS to find these groups or you can contact PWSAA and we will assist you in connecting with these support groups.


Though some of this is not applicable for us in Canada, some of it is valuable.

Video Based instruction:

Teaching in the Community:

Creating Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities to Achieve Successful Futures: