We will always remember Trevor. His family was an important part of our association for many years.

Some Thoughts on Trevor Proudman (1982-2014)

By Richard Proudman

The unsung savant, devouring more books than the flames of Alexandria; The Peerless academic of horror films,

pursuing his study with a super human rigor.

The horticulturist of friendships; planting the seeds and cultivating the crops unceasingly.

The master of waterslides, unflinchingly facing down bowel loosening behemoths with a smile.

The devoted aviarist, tending his beloved birds with a humbling serenity. The brother like no other, imbued with a power to always make me feel loved and appreciated.

The son, filling my mom’s life; never letting her forget she was loved and the most important person in the world.

A rallying point for family and friends, the bond that held us fast, one to the other.

Trevor, son, brother, friend, hero